Hot Tub Glamping in Somerset

Hot tub glamping is a growing trend in the UK. It combines the best of both worlds, taking you from your everyday life into a relaxing and luxurious experience. Hot tubs have long been used as part of spa treatments but they are now being used as part of glamping holidays in Somerset, England.

The South West city of Bath has its own historical thermal springs so why not bring a bit of relaxation and luxury to your next staycation. 

After a long day of ambling, hiking, playing and sightseeing, what could be a better way to end your day than by having a well deserved soak under the sky for a spot of stargazing with a much needed drink in hand or simply sit back and watch as the sun sets over the beautiful grounds!

3 reasons why you should take that much needed hot tub glamping staycation in Somerset

Calm the mind

Soothe the body

A sound nights sleep

A hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind, especially after a long day of exploring. Just 30 minutes resting in a hot tub in the country air is enough to reduce anxiety, banish tension headaches and help reduce your blood pressure and help with insomnia

A luxury hot tub is ideal to help relieve those achy muscles from days filled with fun and adventure.  Other benefits include lower blood pressure, eased joint inflammation and greater flexibility.

Its scientifically proven that spending time in the fresh country air helps encourage sleep.  Coupled with soaking in a hot tub of an evening you’ll soon be falling into a deep restorative slumber.


You’ll need some essentials for your hot tub glamping experience, including:

  • Swimwear. If you’re planning on taking a dip in your hot tub, bring along some swimsuits and towels for drying off afterwards.
  • Slippers and toiletries. You’ll want something comfortable and warm to wear around the house when you’re not relaxing in your private hot tub room–and don’t forget any toiletries or face wipes if you think you might need them!
  • Towels (at least one). You’ll also want at least one towel per person so that everyone can dry off after using the hot tubs at night or early morning before heading out again on day trips around Somerset County.  You won’t need to bring extra towels with you as all your linen is included in the cost of your stay at Hadspen Glamping.
Luxury glamping with hot tub in Somerset

Exclusive to the Lime Kiln Lodge, the wood fired hot tub is another way we keep our site as sustainable as possible.Who else offers off grid luxury?

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