Sustainability Statement


At Hadspen Glamping, sustainability is at the heart of our business.  We are located in one of the most beautiful rural areas in Somerset and we want to respect and protect it as much as possible, with that in mind here are some tips to help you out…


Bear in mind that we are also in a predominantly farming area and as such livestock is a common site. Please remember your actions can impact people’s livelihoods, leaves gates as you find them (open or closed), stay on the public footpath and do not feed any livestock.  Wildlife is abundant in the area and we ask that you observe the countryside code and adopt the motto of ‘leave no trace’.


Shop local – where you can use local suppliers and services. We have a fantastic selection of local produce which creates much less food miles.  Most things can be purchased within a 2 mile radius of our site.


Many of our roads are narrow country lanes and you may find walkers, horse riders or cyclists.  In all cases, please slow down and pass carefully and only when safe to do so.  In the case of horse riders, please give them a wide berth, turn off your radio and avoid any actions which may cause the horse to spook such as revving your engine, blowing your horn etc… (we had one that used to spook at umbrellas!).


We are not on main drains but use a package treatment plant (biorock ecorock 3000) which breaks down waste in an environmentally friendly way with very low carbon footprint. We would ask that you DO NOT flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper, as anything else will block the system, Please place everything else into the bin provided. If you have any fats or oils to dispose of, please collect these separately and dispose of with the food waste.


All electricity is supplied by our own on site photovoltaic system which charges a battery to provide lighting and charging to USB and USB-C sockets.  We ask that you turn off lights when not in use.  The battery once fully charged will give around 6 hours to all lights before discharging.  Please do all you can to avoid draining the battery as this will reduce its lifespan resulting in it needing to be replaced earlier, which impacts the environment.


Use only the water you need and avoid leaving taps running. Our water is a private borehole supply fed by a natural underground spring.  It is very safe to drink and is tested annually by Somerset County so there is no need to buy plastic bottles of water. 


Try to explore the area on foot and leave the car behind.  There are many public footpaths to explore and OS maps are provided in all lodges for your use.


Our Green Initiatives

  • 100% solar electricity on site and all lighting is LED

  • Water is supplied from borehole, fed by underground spring

  • Our laundry supplier has a sustainable ethos

  • All wood for wood burners comes directly from our site or from sustainable sources

  • Recycling and food waste is actively undertaken and encouraged on site with separate bins.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products for guests use – refillable thereby cutting down waste

  • We discourage use of single plastics

  • All our food suppliers are within a 5 mile radius

  • Bird and bug boxes are to be found around the site

  • Educational material of the local flora and fauna is located in all the lodges.

  • Native speices of plants have been kept and further planting undertaken on a seasonal basis

  • Encouraging biodiversity by leaving wild areas, including a hay meadow

  • Compost any green waste on site

  • We employ locally for changeovers, maintenance and gardener

  • Our decking, table and benches are made from our own ash trees that has to be felled due to ash dieback.

  • We offer a car free holiday by offering free pick up from local train stations

Last updated March 2023
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