Where to stay for Glastonbury Festival 2023

Having grown up, living and working close to the Glastonbury festival site at Pilton we can’t help but get just a bit excited when June rolls around and the masses descend through our
local Castle Cary station.
Sure, things can get slightly chaotic around here for a while, but that’s all part of the fun. We’re lucky enough to live nearby though, so when we get the opportunity to go it’s usually pretty easy. What if you live miles away and you have tickets to attend? Where will you stay? Have you sorted out your travel plans yet?
Just in case you’re still looking for Glastonbury accommodation we thought we’d pull together this rough and ready guide. You’d better be quick though, places fill up fast – we can’t guarantee there will be vacancies for long.

Glastonbury festival camping

Glastonbury festival camping

Of course for the pure, unadulterated Glasto experience, you’ll want to enter the site as the doors open on Tuesday, wedge your two-man tent wherever it falls, drape some fairy lights
between you and your neighbours (aka new BFFs forever!) and make sure you’re chilling with an ice cold Somerset cider by sundown.

In reality, it rarely works quite like that. Just a quick trawl through the photo archives will dredge up pictures from ’97, ’98… dare we say it…2005. That was the year the early hours of Friday morning saw a month’s worth of rainfall, washing away tents, flooding the fields and causing plenty of festival goers to bail out before the headliners even hit the stage. The early 2010s saw more wet weather and even a few electrical storms if we remember rightly.

But don’t let us put you off. If you’re still below a certain age, and / or you have a working
back that will cope with almost a weeks-worth of nights in a cold, damp tent, then go for it.
You can choose from one of the many Glastonbury camping options available: general camping, family camping or accessible camping.

Stay in a campervan or camper

Stay in a nearby town or city

If you don’t fancy a tent (or the potential onslaught of mud, come to that!), why not
consider renting a campervan, or better still bringing your own. A number of designated
Glastonbury camping sites are made available to festival ticket holders with campervans and
caravans. These sites are usually in fields near the festival site itself, but be warned it’s a pretty big area and you’ll likely be in for a long walk to get to the stages and other areas of
entertainment. If you have mobility issues, you may need to contact the festival staff to
work out the best option for you. Of course, staying in camper or caravan will give you a certain layer of protection from the mud, but if you don’t have your own bathroom facilities you’ll soon find the shared toilets on site become less than desirable (IYKYK). It’s worth noting that electricity is not supplied in these fields. And prepare yourself for the traffic queues when it comes time to get offsite again. In fact, nothing will prepare you for that… Glastonbury campervan and caravan pitches usually sell out incredibly fast, meaning you’ll have to get in as soon as you can to secure tickets if you want them.

There are some beautiful villages, towns and cities in the vicinity of the festival site. Many of which can offer you a nice escape from the Glastonbury festival chaos for a few hours. Think Wells, Castle Cary, Bruton, Glastonbury itself, Street, Shepton Mallet and even further afield in Bristol or Bath – which might make things a little cheaper. Check out Booking.com, Air BnB
and local tourist information sites for availability and then sit back smugly and think about how you’ll be able to enter the festival site freshly washed and smelling sweet each day.
The only downside of staying offsite in a hotel or private house is getting around. Travelling to and from the site can get pretty tedious when roads block up and local transport becomes overcrowded. Also you’ll need to book taxis or put in place plans to get back home at the end of each day. But it’s all part of the festival fun, right?

Glastonbury Festival Luxury Glamping

But what about if it’s possible to have the best of both worlds? The off grid outdoor experience, coupled with luxury accommodation, a guaranteed dry and comfy bed, hot showers, CLEAN toilets and peace and tranquility. So you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go again, able to enjoy the festival to its fullest when you get onsite each day.

Our Hadspen Glamping Glastonbury Festival Packages offer you exactly that. And even better you’ll receive a delicious breakfast hamper full of local produce as well as transport to and from the festival site. So you won’t have to work out the logistics of getting home after Axel finishes his last note. Glastonbury glamping at its finest!
And, for the record, the fairy lights and Somerset cider sundowner can also be arranged!

Whichever option you choose, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance, as places will book up quickly. And wherever you end up staying we wish you a wonderful festival – maybe we’ll even see you down there!

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